Dr. H.J. (Henk) Veeze

Foto Veeze


• 1985-1998: Erasmus University Rotterdam/Sophia Children’s hospital,

dept. paediatrics and dept. of clinical genetics.

• 1998-2006 IJsselland Hospital, chairman dept paediatrics, vice-president

of de Medical Staff and member of hospital management team.

• Established a dept of paediatrics in the top of national ranking and established

a diabetes centre for children (n=200, average hospital n=50).

• 2006- Co-Fouder of the Diabeter foundation, a new clinic, solely focused

on type 1 diabetes. (Business-case, licence by ministry of health, financial

contracts with all Dutch insurances, IT, PR, etc, all arranged with minor

external consultations).

• 2006- Pediatrician-diabetologist at the National diabetes centre for children

and young adults (Diabeter).

• 2006- chairman of Directory board of Diabeter.

• Honorable member of the medical staff the Erasmus University Rotterdam

and IJsselland Hospital.

• 2008- Opened 2nd Clinic location. Diabeter treats currently more than

800 children and young adults. Patients come from all regions and the

number is still increasing.

Major Research Experience:

• Study of chloride transport in intestinal biopsies of patients with Cystic

Fibrosis (CF) which unmasked the pathophysiological role of different

levels of residual chloride secretions in preserving the clinical

phenotype. Thesis Erasmus University, Rotterdam, NL, 1995).

• Senior Investigator: Alternative chloride secretory pathways bypassing

the CF-defect in the European Twin and Sibling Study for CF, 1997.

• Study of diabetes in cystic fibrosis patients, chloride transport defects

and male infertility.

Current topics:

• Founder of Diabeter clinic in 2006, allowed as a non-profit organization

by the minister of health, design of the business case and contracted

all health insurance companies in the Netherlands.

• Design and all programming tasks of a multidisciplinary Patient Care Database

system (Vcare), a complete paperless patient-record system securing

the patients and centre quality of care.

• Further improvement of clinical outcome in diabetes (i.e CSII, (semi-

)closed loop) promoted also in different Dutch television programs and

planning to start with implementation with support of the largest health

insurance company in the Netherlands.

• Improving the logistic processes of patient care.

• Sustainability of Diabeter, especially research/training future diabetologists.

Research focuses:

[1] Toward closed loop systems,

[2] Early detection/treatment of complications / (genetic) risk factors,

[3] Early immune modulation (Current trials: Diamyd, starting extended

Protégé Trial).

Diabeter, Haringvliet 72, 3011 TG Rotterdam.

tel: 010-280-7277 fax: 010-280-9299 e-mail: info@diabeter.nl web: www.diabeter.nl

Stichting Diabeter is door VWS toegelaten als medische instelling zonder winstoogmerk en heeft allianties met en verzorgt

consultaties in diverse ziekenhuizen waaronder het ErasmusMC-Sophia.


• John Harries Memorial Prize (European society of Pediatric

Gastroenteology and Nutrition).

• Gastro-enterology Glaxo Research prize.

• Improved Diabetes Care with Vbase (Dutch society of Hospitals (NVZ)).

Memberships : Dutch Society of paediatrics (NVK), ISPAD.

• Award for ‘Best innovative clinic’, Netherlands, 2007.

• Recognized by the Rabobank for good financial planning during growth

and liquidity issues (payments by the insurance system not earlier than 13

months after the start of each year of treatment).